Achievement Unlocked

Great news! After very, very little job hunting (and a whole lot of procrastinating), I have a job! It all happened pretty fast; I applied on Monday, got a phone interview Tuesday, and then had an in-person interview and the job on Thursday! A huge happy birthday to me! I start next week, and I’m super excited. My position is “lounge attendant” at Prism Hotel — I imagine it’ll be super laid back and I’ll probably meet a lot of cool people. It’s pretty upscale, and the Prism Condos are on top of the hotel itself so there’s rich people everywhere. With fancy people like that, things are bound to be more refined. I’ve had my fair share of nightmare customers at Dock 2, so I’m looking forward to some class for once.

The interview couldn’t have gone more perfectly, especially considering that I didn’t know it was an interview. When I spoke with the hotel manager on Tuesday, she simply said the next step was to talk with the restaurant manager. In hindsight, yeah, that probably-most-definitely was a set up for an interview, but I was just too excited to process it as one. Nice one, Jade.

Anyways, the food and beverage manager Stuart was really nice, and I think I’ll like working for him. He has a really nice smile (and he’s just nice to look at), and he’s super friendly. Turns out my availability lined up with what he needs perfectly, so perfectly that he actually didn’t believe me when I first told him the days I was available. It was actually kind of funny, and I’m taking it as a sign that I’m fated to work there. Stuart did too, and now I have a job that I’m super excited to start!

Now that I have things happening outside of school and Dock 2, I’ll hopefully have more things to write here! 

I’ll write again soon,


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