A Whole New World

After being delayed a week because of paperwork issues, my first day was yesterday evening, and it went really well! I met a whoooole lot of people (ask me if I remember more than two of them — I don’t), and toured the hotel. Honestly, I’m worried about navigating it on my own, but luckily I won’t be doing that for the next few shifts.  The evenings seem to be pretty relaxing; the traffic is slow, and everyone who does come in is super nice. Simon says (lol) that as long as it’s slow and quiet, I can have my laptop out and work on homework, which is a HUGE bonus! Between Dock 2 and now this job, I was really worried about getting my work for school but now I’m all set!

Stuart showed me the ropes, and honestly, it doesn’t seem too complicated. I haven’t done a morning shift yet, but the evenings are simple! Restock the mini fridge, set out the plates of food from the kitchen, and call down there if the food is getting low. Aside from that, cleaning and greeting guests is pretty much all I really do! With my experience from Dock 2, both of those will be a breeze!

I met a few of the regulars today, but Stuart said that a majority of them come in the morning and work until long after the appetizers are gone. So, I guess once I work a morning, I’ll see more of them. I can’t wait to meet them all and actually have a good relationship with some customers. The idea of having regulars always appealed to me; we have a few at Dock 2, but I will never have a good relationship with any of the customer base there. Snobby, middle aged soccer moms with nothing to do but complain are not people I want to associate with (though I guess by working there, I am). A lot of the regulars at Prism are doctors and surgeons, so I imagine they’ll be a respectful group. The businessmen and women that come through I’m a bit worried about, BUT I’m sure they’ll be just fine too!

All in all, I’m very very excited to start working here. It seems like it’ll be a nice change!


Starting Out

I need another job. Even working five days at Dock 2 isn’t enough to keep up with rent, gas, and groceries (and my numerous impulse home goods purchases from work — I’m trying to limit them, okay?). With school and everything, I really don’t think I’m going to have time for a second job unless I want to sacrifice what little Me Time I have. I don’t want to but with my savings dried up and my recurring nightmare of spending $32 at Target, I don’t exactly have a choice. Mom says I should get back into the food service industry — this time as a waitress — but I’m not entirely sure I’m cut out for that. I think it’s the idea of carrying those big trays that scares me. Maybe I’ll find a job at a very small cafe or something. That would make me more open to serving, I think.

Well, whatever I decide to look for, I can only hope it’s better paying than Dock 2. With a better client base, and less rich white women complaining about anything and everything.

Wish me luck,


P.S. To keep my sanity, I’m starting this blog instead of a diary. I hear journaling is good for mental health, and although I have a plethora of notebooks waiting to be used, I  can’t stand the pressure to have nice handwriting all throughout — so the internet it is. I can at least keep up with most of my thoughts when I type. And believe you me, I have a lot of thoughts.